Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

Great sequal! but down at cost!

It was difficult to find something perfect in this next "last defence " game but it interested me with the wacky improvements and better upgrades and a easy touch to start. But it kinda of bored me fast, it was unusual to say... i really liked the first one and I thought this one would be better but it was slightly but not as I had expect. Keep the sequel going to get a better reputation to these games! good job any ways :)

very fun at first, just gets boring fast

I played this game for hours and tried to get the high score on the list, well once i had A score higher then the person in first place i submitted my score. but apparently theres a limit to how high a score is so now i'm number 100 wich means i just made it on, and i would have been number 1 if it worked right, and now I don't think anyone else will be able to submit anything to get on the list. Also when playing a level you can only see your mony up to the thousands, it would be nice to know how much you have when playing, and last of all, It would be a very good idea to put in a mony chart that shows you how much mony you get per unit, becouse I was getting so much for one solder guy it was of the chart, and i had to do long division to figure it out, wich was boring, but i was getting over 1 million per solder, and once I got to that point I desided to stop playing. Oh, and one more thing, theres nothing special for betting all the missions, kinda losses its point ay... well all over very fun and addicting, hope you make another.

well rounded game

this was pretty fun to play but i thought it was a little clunky. enemies coming from all directions was a new take on the game, but it made it rather annoying. over all good job though and keep up the good work


decent...ever level was jus tmore of the the same though. Especially once you figure out that auto-repair = God mode, practically. Once i got to that point I just quit using my shields altogether. Air strikes are useless, mines are instant kills when you need to fry something fast, and nukes are a waste of time because there's never enough of a rush of anything in one place to wararnt using one. The different kinds of towers were neat but again, useless. The idea is just to build up to a small handful of laser towers and you can do anything. If there were some kind of a research or technology tree that'd make it a lot better...as it is now though...too long and no diversity from beginning to end.

On the plus side, if you have to leave it automatically saves your progress, and for that at least I'm thankful...a nice feature.


ahh.. this is the life, mowing down tanks and soldiers with towers that shoot rockets every second. I played your old version alot before, and i say this is alot better.I like the new atomic bombs and airstrikes, they make it alot easier. The shield helps alot too, it used to be you had to be hit, now you can just put on the shield. I always like to play a defence-game with upgrades instead of just keep doing rounds. Keep up the good work, and i hope you make another game like this =) good job.