Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

eh.. so-so

just sad.. atleast you put some effort into it though


(it's awesome)


bad game
1.too slow turrets
2. tanks fire be4 u can see them


To slow. turrets shoot to slow. it ez. its boring. its bad.
dont make things to slow!!!!! and thanks shoot before u see them and bulets fly very slow! TOTALLY SUCKS!


It wasn't fun at all, the tanks fired before you could even see them, plus the bullets you fire travel much to slowly. I ended up spending my entire round's worth of money just fixing up the base.

1. Make sure the tanks come into veiw BEFORE they fire.
2. Make the turrets bullets much faster.
3. Earn more money from kills, this i used up all of it every round with none extra reparing my base.

...Entertainment is not the word for this game... 1/10