Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

Your all idiots

This game is in no way impossible, like all you small brains are squaking, jesus all you have to do is use the shields >Activated by Space<(Which ingore damage and drain by time activated) and it becomes almost too easy, I had no trouble in any of the missions. Everyone who complains about this being impossible is an idiot and should be erased from existance for missing something so basic.

The Artist should however make it soooo incredibly clear that it is impossible to survive without sometimes useing the shield, and maybe make up a bigggg space bar in the middle of the screen in the begining with "Use me" plastered all over it. So that even the half brains can figure it out.

Even so, I didnt like the game much.... :P

sorry man

that was actually bad cause it IMPOSSIBLE its too HARD....fix it


i had almost full life in 3 level and one guy comes out and boom i lose and guys come and i dont see guys while im getting shot

That was BAD!

I love this storyline and this type of game but it is actually impossible. It also is lame because I cant even shoot the enemy before they shoot me so I lose really quick. The graphics weren't bad but geez man the fighting was crap man. However, fix it up and add some better upgrades and I'm sure it will be another cool game.


dude it stinks too hard on even the easy levels impossible to win because you hardly get any money for destroying a tank when they will murder your fortress it stinks