Reviews for "Nightmare B4 Halloween VG"


cool game, very nice looking but did you have to make it so brutally hard? haha nice job.

mu ha ha ha ha

I love the music and game play seems very good I get into these kinds of games! 10's and on my favorites. All a good fright :D


Rocked :D


Normally I don't like these kind of things, but this was great. The subtlety of some of the differences was challenging, and the editing that was done on the images was impressive due to the fact that you can't really tell what is fake or not. Great job, I am impressed. Happy Halloween!



SecretAgentRege responds:

Thanks for the review! It's amazing what you can end up with given a few hours and Photoshop. Happy Halloween!


I liked the music i liked the animation just one thing that really annoyed me and that is when i tried to click on a differance it sometimes didn't work but that could of been my computer stuffing up. The idea of the game was cool and it was a challenge i thought. I enjoyed playing this game and i hope you make another.

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