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Reviews for "SuperMario64 Menu (lol Type)"


Simply amazing. THis really takes me back. I always liked the menu music in Super Mario 64. :)

davidx955 responds:

So Do I Dude =)!!!!
makes me wish i still had my 64

lllalalalalalalaldaladlaladl... sorry

Great remix bud! Got you .23 for your ratings! Now you got a better 0.93

davidx955 responds:

thanks im kind of a noob of making music
i'm glad you liked it dude

to many HATERS

i dont see y this is so low in rating

davidx955 responds:

Thanks Dude!

Keep Working Hard =)

I understand that you dont know your product really well so I rated you on the compleation on the song. To be honest you did really good. So keep up the good work. If you got time listen to some of my songs to help you get a some ideas for your future songs. Oh, if you need help dont be affraid to ask.

Sorry, I couldnt get to your song sooner. It would appear that you got zero bombed pretty bad. It seems to be getting pretty bad lately.

Anyways, I gave you a 4/9. Take care bro!

davidx955 responds:

Thank You So Much!!
and i may have a question or 2 on some stuff

Hey you know what?

Is this fancy? no. Does it have a high quality mastering job? no. Does it have alot of variation? no. But does a good little tune have to have lots of variation, a good mastering job and be fancy? hellz no. This song is short, simple, and just like the original, just plain awesome. You got nothing wrong with this as far as I can see :) good job!


P.S. I made a few SM64 mixes including a file select mix. check it out if you're bored http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/286664

davidx955 responds:

thanks dude
I'll defiantly check out your stuff