Reviews for "Reasoner- Solitude"


Very calm and peaceful.


Haha, as far as ideas go, yours are top-notch. Well done.

Nice Job!

Great, as always.

Nice one dude.

Simply amazing

This 3 minutes has been revolutionary to me. I always thought that in my writing, Dubstep - techno - rock (etc.) would be beneficial to listen to. I would always get some interesting fast paced-action scene in, but it never had quite a spark of creativity. Now I've listened to this, and i am stunned. I depict a boy, no more than 17, walking down a dark and decaying street, with hope in the distance. He travels with some sort of companion (a dog in my eyes) and they are on a path to freedom/retribution. This is song is great, and I'm DL-ing. thanks!


not much else to say.