Reviews for "Reasoner- Solitude"

Its like...

I did ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, heroin and crack at the same time while skydiving through rainbows and white fluffy clouds. hahaha this is very very good. A soothing melody. You always know how to make your music so uplifting its crazy. All of your work leaves my mind blown. Keep it up man 10/10 5/5

It's Reasoner

Does it deserve full marks? OF COURSE!! Your music is a breath of fresh air! I want everyone to hear your music. You are amazing! Never Stop!!!!!


I've been trawling for music to include in the music folder of TES: Oblivion... and wow, this is definitely getting included..... It fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly, I feel.


The music just has that touch that comes from you, calm and collected! Very very Nice! I hope your album is easy to find on itunes! I hope to come across it and purchase this up coming album! Hope everything goes alright for you man!!!

Can't wait

I love all of your music. I can't wait for your album to get to iTunes. Please notify me when it does. I will buy it imediately. Keep making music. And everyone's allowed to have a creativity block. This song turned out amazing.