Reviews for "Reasoner- Solitude"


this is a good work of audio art here my fellow gentlemen and women this is the song for a happy ending in some RPG game or some movie i think well 10/10 is what iam giving and nothing less

This is music.

We make music to remind people of places they've never been. You, sir, have accomplished a very hard thing to accomplish, and with incredible finesse, beauty, and style.


This has been playing on loop for the past hour and it put me into a state of well being. I try to listen to something else but I keep getting dragged back to here. >.> Bravo.


Wonderful job.

I can easily see a couple beginning on a great journey straight out of some kind of hellish situation.

They leave in the morning and ride all day through the woods to get away.

As their riding wonderful things catch their eyes such as the mountains, the tree's and the rivers they pass by.

The hole situation is a bit magical (to perfect) but nothing changes it, its just continually happy and optimistic with no confrontation, taking them to the ultimate level of serenity.

It's been a while since I've reviewed your songs.

And I have to say that you have done it once again. I won't be surprised if you wind up getting signed on for a big record deal or the likes of it. Each song has it's own specific ambient tone, and that's what I really respect your works for.

Really, it's artists like you that are the reasons why I still go on Newgrounds. If all I could find was techno, house, occasional video game remixes and MIDIs, then I'd seriously be done with this site. Thanks for making my time spent here enjoyed and enthralled with the talent that stills sticks around here.