Reviews for "Reasoner- Solitude"

Lovin it <3

i loved the soft buildup here, the melody maybe simple but you managed to make it sound complicatedly beautiful <3 <3 <3

Even as a rough idea

All of the work you have done, be it good, bad, or other is amazing. i am downloading this and its going my mp3 player for sure. the feel of this song is a Hero who has been down trodden looking back on his past and realizing he cas get up and overcome what has brought him so low it the first place.

as an added comment onto you, keep striving for "that perfect feeling" in your songs. when you do it, it really shines through.

Not enough melody?

I don't know, but I hear plenty of melody and emotion in this piece.

It's good to have high standards, but you need to realize that this is amazing. Even without perfect melody, the emotion makes up for it. Fantastic work!



It goes without saying to whoever has listened to at least two of your tracks, that a strong emotion prevails in each of them. The first one that struck me here was "Hope" and a sense of action.
I can hardly believe the kind of criticism you give your own pieces. Take a little more pride in your work, man. Believe me, you deserve much more praise than you give yourself.


Listening to this, I admit I can understand what you said about not hearing any real melody. But when even your musical "failures" sound this unbelievably wonderful, you know you've got something awesome going for you.