Reviews for "Reasoner- Solitude"


I play minecraft to this. makes me wanna build a civilization on my own.

Still beautiful..

It sounds in the beginning like one thought trying to search for something; in the end joined by many to bring it along its journey.


The song's name fits the piece pretty well. In fact, it's almost like an entire story on its own! In the beginning, it can make you think of a situation of you actually being in isolation. You think of the rest.

Did you know that?

Did you know I have a folder on my computer labeled "Reasoner"? It's where all of your music goes. 8) Now you know!

Poor transition at 2:00. <--Couldn't help it. It's the critic in me.

8/10 because it's unfinished

Hot damn

I'm in love with the melodies in this song, great job my friend!