Reviews for "Paintball - The Game"

its great!

its easy to make whit some actionscript and such original!
the music is good
i maked it to lvl 101....i'm proud to myself....and to claxor

claxor and the rest who maked this game...grats!


At first I thought, wow, nice simple game. 40 levels later and I realise how long I've been on it. Logically speaking, I should give you a 0 for making the game so addictive. But 10 is better methinks.


WoW this is an awesome game i love your site an dyour newest game paper pug!

Man it is awesome.

I fear it has gone forgotten..
But I still play it, I love playing it. There are so many levels, and so many things to do. The "create your own level" feature was a really nice touch, but the codes for levels are getting much much larger...
Well either way, I enjoyed the artists and the many different levels.
And the music was very nice.

Awesome mind boggling game

This is a great game! I mean I love it! ( i finished every level) though it is a but long i really like it! Definitely worth my time.