Reviews for "Paintball - The Game"


That is a great game but it's a bit long for me.
It has good graphics and rly nice music...
I just loved the music..
thx for makeing this game

Too... Long

*pants..* I... I think.. I think I gto about 1/3's of the way through... *pants..* I got.. To the.. "Candeh".. Levle, and stopped.. *pants..* How many... Levels... Are there..? *pants..*


I love this! Its super addicting and super simple so its very fun. I just need help with Hill ^_^


This game had me puzzeling for what felt like hours! Definetally added to favorites!


great game but near the end the lvl bounce it is litterally impossiblei spent 10 mins trin tofigure it out