Reviews for "Paintball - The Game"

This game should be Illegal....

because it is so Frickin addicting. lol 5/5

Claxor responds:

I guess that's a good thing :)
Thanks :D


good, but its long and hard also and you better have alot of time on your hands, also I BEAT THE GAME ALSO FINALFLASHBRO HA!!! but yea good game


the game was awesom but could put in power ups like boost,fans or somthing
try this level i made... verry easy
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Misleading Title to My Advantage

I searched "paintball" in, seeking a game where you fire paintballs out of a gun, but I came across this. I got hooked and played it for a while. Got stuck at Need Some Space. There should be some sort of level select system, but other than that, this game brushes up against perfection.


Just a tad bit of brain work here and there. The tiny spaces were amusing. Fun game. :D