Reviews for "Paintball - The Game"

Great game, Clanger :)

Even if the sound track was a bit like for a porn film.

It was smooth, challenging but not frustrating; flexible and really fun to play. The levels were all pretty unique, and you could write rude words out!

It's a winning combination!

Claxor responds:

Porn music and rude words, what more do you need? :D


Dude, that was awesome ^_^
I have been looking for a creative game like this for ages!
The only bit I didnt like was the level that looked oddly like a penis...

Claxor responds:

Thanks! :D
Heh, that level has caused a bit of emotion, good or bad :P


Honestly...this has been the most fun thing I've done with my time. The humor points go for some of the more...interesting puzzles. Anyway, good job...I'm going to get an advil...

Kept me busy for a while...

Well, what can i say? This game was just great! However, i couldn't pass ALL of the levels (i got stuck at Giant), but by the first of them, i see, that this truly has potential! If you are thinking of a sequel, i will be glad to hear that. Nice work.

Fun, great game

Loved this game =) Caught myself always coming back to this game

Try my level, not too hard, but not easy either