Reviews for "Paintball - The Game"

This is one of my favorite games ever made (so far). It would be cool if you made more like this!

All that nostalgia...

Well, when I make a level, and go back to level select, and click on a level, it says both the author and the title are undefined. Cn you fix this glitch?

I think that this game was executed rather well. However, the drawing of the lines became boring and repetitive after a while.... The hardest part at certain points was just making sure you didn't accidentally block something and leave the ball bouncing back and forth forever. I think that if you added a couple more game play elements, it could be a far more engaging puzzle game. Elements such as areas where you can't draw, a specific amount of "ink", spikes that the ball can't touch and evil/poison balls that can't touch the goal, or must be destroyed.


This game sucked sooooooooooooooooooooo much it was just so shitty and cant believe people actually rated this good they mustt just feel sorry for you