Reviews for "Paintball - The Game"


how many levels r there

one of the best games ever :O

this is one of the funnest things iv'e played. it really helps pass the time.

now i just need to work to get to that very last level :)

Awesome game

Seriously! Is there a way I can download this?


Its Awesome But Im Stuck :D
I Think Some Of Its Luck
My Level Code

Matty D,First|46,41|470.25,341.5|17,25,-9,5 7|9,81,72,5|19,21,67,1|87,17,1,29|76,

Lend me your ears!

For I have seen the end, and yay it took one hour and seven minutes, the end is neigh! past the dismal shapes and the dreaded 100th level! Salvation and sore pointer fingers are what lays at hand! For hard as feakin hell this game truely becomes!