Reviews for "Techna-Hero [RD2010]"

Awesome job

Lovin' this! Been listening to it as I study. It's got a very epic feel to it!

Keep it up!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I could never study epically
Thanks though Tarienn, glad it works for ya B]


This song was awesome but i do have one question

what is the somewhat familiar tune at 1:30 - 2:20

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

To be honest, I guess it does sound like I took it from somewhere doesn't it
This is bad, because sometimes I'll make things with a tune from somewhere else in mind but it won't register, like I'll subconsciously be making something I think is original 'til either I realize it or someone points it out...
However, this is 100% original yo!
Thanks for stoppin' by :]

Hmmm I like it.

This would have been very interesting to see in robot day. But I like the other song so much as well it's a hard choice to see which one would fit best.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

It might have been, because this really does need some visual justice, but for Robot Day...
When you say the other song so much, are you talking about 'Rageous or Cybernetic 'cause I put 'em both down

at the begining

what did sound... format... website did you get for the techno tehcno techno

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I just used the stock speech program from FL Studio


I love this song! Definitely couldn't stop listening to it (:

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Glad you liked it!