Reviews for "Techna-Hero [RD2010]"

Hmmm I like it.

This would have been very interesting to see in robot day. But I like the other song so much as well it's a hard choice to see which one would fit best.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

It might have been, because this really does need some visual justice, but for Robot Day...
When you say the other song so much, are you talking about 'Rageous or Cybernetic 'cause I put 'em both down

If it were just a tad bit edgier...

I could see this being in Tekken or Street Fighter. I liked it, but I thought it as too random and repetitive for my taste. I got a little bored. But I did like the guitar elements- reminded me of Final Fantasy for some odd reason, along with Fl Cl. anyways, I give you an 8, good sir. or Madam... >.>

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Wait wait wait, is it random or repetitive
I liked the guitar as well 'cause it was a deviation of my other genre of choice
Given my time limit I wasn't able to make it perfect, but I may do another version of this in the future
8 is good enough for me, it's a C+
Thanks for your thoughts

never been a fan of cheers

but the rest of it makes up for it, love the rest of it, love the guitarish part, i really think techno would be awesome if it had more guitar elements mixed in, a really upbeat song, those vast sounding blasts really make it sound like music for a huge mecha-city. nice job overall

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Why you no fan of cheers?
Well given the title and the time I had, I didn't want to deviate too much from the theme
I had originally thought of turning this into an anime opener, so your guitar elements wouldnt've been too far off from being abused (there would even have been Japanese singing)
Who knows though I might actually do it later on in the year
Also yes it is loud and blasty for a huge mecha-city because it is for a huge city of mecha techas
Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts 8D

It starts loud and over-taken with the croud...

Then it gets hyper and really beautiful of techno. I have to admit, best I heard ever especially with the thoughts in my head from listening to this of the cheering, the fans, the people everywhere, gathered to listen and scream for the majesty of this song! This is something that I imagine would be played in a stadium, blasting toward a massive mob of onlookers to the ultimate mixer on the stage! Proud work here, man.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Glad you like it
The citizens just love their hero!
This actually takes place at a concert that he's performing for both him and the people of the city
Thanks for sharing your thoughts :]


Techna-Hero This song need to be an DJ-Hero XD

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

LMAO I agree, that's part of his story too!
Thanks for the quick say :D