Reviews for "Born to Rock"


^^Good Points^^
The graphics are amazing. I loved how everything was drawn with crayon. I think you would have great success if you used this graphical style in a full length movie with a decent storyline. The preloader was great, and I liked the animations and how everything was constantly jiggling.

^^Needs Improving^^
Well, nothing interesting happens in this movie. Those two guys just stand their and play two different songs at the same time. You should really use this graphic style to make a full length movie.

what a lot of CRAP!

i like the fact that you hand drawn them but the music was noise, no beat no rytham just crap and nofing happened!!!

I wish I could give the sound a fifteen.

Stupid ten point voting system. You guys rocked my face off.

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Amazing, I could almost smell the various female underclothes being thrown onto stage. Best clock movie ever of ever. Fifen'd, my clocky neighborus!


I love the hand drawn style that you used for this and the music was so horrible that it was funny. Well done.