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Reviews for "Dr. Steel's Hallow Hello"


disturbed me abit... but im already disturbed.... ah well

awesome ness is found

Neato Torpedo!

Winky in C Minor has always been too creepy for my taste, and you just used it against me. How mean. XD I need to start showing this to people now that Halloween is coming up again. Great work. ^^

-Ghosty (To creativity and robots!)

starkravenmadd responds:

I plan on updating this with a non interactive version. I think I will list it as Winky mark 2. The old one is buggy and the Doc has re-released the song with a more orchestration feel. I'm glad you enjoyed this one in spite of its super creep factor! hehe!


Great usage of Winky in C Minor, I had it looped the other day without realising it, after about the third time, it's very relaxing.

And yeah, the bugs are a pain, maybe it's to do with the layer order?

And are those pictures actually anything to do with Dr. Steel, or just random pics? They seem... familiar somehow...

The glitch knocks this down to a 9/10, but still a 5 vote.

starkravenmadd responds:

The whole thing is stuff I found on the internets. And the file corrupted at the end of making it, so that is why it brokeded.

Thanks again for you view! And review!


Great animation, but really, really disturbing themes. Great work, I appreciate that you did make a scary animation without a screamer :) But, I was hoping you would have edited the horns to look more realistic, and had some more creepy stuff going on, not just the pictures ;)

And is the music just an intro of a song or the whole song? And what's the name of the song?

starkravenmadd responds:

Unfortunately I can not do anything to the original file, for it corrupted towards the ending. *sigh*

But thanks for the suggestions and the review!

The song is "Winky in C Minor" and is the whole song.

creepy like salad fingers

it made me scare like sf, great job!

omfg im shaked ><

starkravenmadd responds:

This was a glorious end to a particularly bad week for me. Thank you so much my friend. I am honored to be compared to such a legend!