Reviews for "FL Studio Basics Tutorial"


I hope this shows flash artists that audio artists put a lot of effort and work into their craft too.

DoomyCheese responds:

Lol, I never thought about that concept. But now that I do, I hope they do realise. But this being my first flash i've learn't making flash isn't very easy at first either.
Thanks for the review!

Nice job for a tutorial...

I'm glad that someone decided to make a movie/game to show how to use the "basic" controls of the FL. Great job on the movie/game! It shows that you put a lot of effort in making this. Also, thanks for puting my song on ur movie! It brings joy to my eyes that someone really likes my songs!

I expect to see you around, signed from ur friend IGPX

DoomyCheese responds:

Hey! Nice to get a review from the audio artist :D Glad you like it! From these reviews im getting it would appear the noobs love it :P Lol, i've even seen some people telling noobs to check this tutorial out in the BBS. Hope to hear more great tunes from you soon! :D

Great review for people just getting in fl studio.

Helped me a shitload, had no clue what i was doing now I think I leARNED ALL THE BASICS PLUS A LITTLE MORE. nICE FRIGGIN JOB. ILL BE CREATIN SONGS IN NO TIME

Very good job !!

Thanks for bothering explaning to us noobs how to us this great software.
DoomyCheese your the man !


Well, the frickin' lamb song sucks, but great Tutorial, Iwill now venture into this FL Studio cave and see what I can do, thanks allot^^