Reviews for "FL Studio Basics Tutorial"


Yes this really helped me alot. Ignore the ratings that don't make sense...like Violence..but yeah I just gave you all 8s because I cant say it was perfect. But truly it did help and thank you! =)

Not bad, man.

Nice. Better than mine, hands down. Very professional, and well made. Brava

DoomyCheese responds:

Ah, Flaedo. If not for you and your tutorial, I would not have been inspired to create one. I remember back when I wanted to learn how to use FL Studio, I had a look here on Newgrounds and the only result I got was your tutorial. As much as it helped, I didn't learn a great deal from it. So I set out to provide future FL beginners with an intuitive beginners guide to song making on FL Studio :D

Pretty good.

this is pretty good. but it would of been better if you added a thing where it explained how to make a basic trance rhythme or something like that.

DoomyCheese responds:

Well the idea is it covers how to use the basic features. And in knowing how to use the basic features, you can make a trance song, or any type of song for that matter. Thanks for the review!


When I first got FL I was like wtf, but it all makes sense now. Cheers dude :D

DoomyCheese responds:

Hey, no problem! Glad my tutorial could be of help. Thanks for your review!

Nice job for a tutorial...

I'm glad that someone decided to make a movie/game to show how to use the "basic" controls of the FL. Great job on the movie/game! It shows that you put a lot of effort in making this. Also, thanks for puting my song on ur movie! It brings joy to my eyes that someone really likes my songs!

I expect to see you around, signed from ur friend IGPX

DoomyCheese responds:

Hey! Nice to get a review from the audio artist :D Glad you like it! From these reviews im getting it would appear the noobs love it :P Lol, i've even seen some people telling noobs to check this tutorial out in the BBS. Hope to hear more great tunes from you soon! :D