Reviews for "FL Studio Basics Tutorial"

Nice for newbies...

I've been using FL studio since January, so this tutorial has not helped me whatsoever.

You did miss a lot of important info, such as the 3XOSC WHICH IS WHAT EVERYONE USES AT A HIGH LEVEL... But, this will help people get started...

You could have also explained more about each effect, such as eqing, filtering, phasers, flangers, vocoders, etc, but I guess that yours worked too.

The one thing that really pissed me off was how you still used FL preset instruments... People should really only use those to layer with their current samples...

Overall, it was a pretty good tutorial, but you missed a lot of essential things that many would have liked to see.

DoomyCheese responds:

Well it is after all a 'beginner' tutorial. It says so right in the name :P The last thing newbies need, is to be confused by all the extra details of the things you mentioned. This tutorial is just to get them started, to see how all the basics of FL Studio work.

good tutorial

but please update for FL 7 and show how to do cutoffs for continuous sounds?

thumbs up

its a pretty good tutorial and it could really help some people with FL.
But its just the same as all tutorials on FL.

great tutorial

i'm looking forward to making new beats now that i learned more about making music, i might b encouraged to submit some stuff to the portal if i'm good enough thanks for the help

Great Tutorial!

I have been looking around forever for a good tutorial for FL.
Yours really helped me understand the basics and understand the playlist. It was very well made. Great job