Reviews for "FL Studio Basics Tutorial"

Very good job !!

Thanks for bothering explaning to us noobs how to us this great software.
DoomyCheese your the man !


Great job, my friend ^^

Thanks. Now I can start making some songs :D

PS: how do you make a sound last longer ? There are some sounds that cannot be extended, right ?

Great review for people just getting in fl studio.

Helped me a shitload, had no clue what i was doing now I think I leARNED ALL THE BASICS PLUS A LITTLE MORE. nICE FRIGGIN JOB. ILL BE CREATIN SONGS IN NO TIME

Hay ua

This was a pretty good tutorial.
It helped quite alot.
The thing that actuall helped the most was the search thingy....
I didnt even know that it was there.....Kool

Aye, thanks. :D

You've helped me improve with FL Studio soo much with this animation. :)
Excellent tutorial for anyone new to the program.

I give it a 9/10 for being straight-forward and crisp, as well as informative and easy to understand.