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Reviews for "Angry Trick or Treater"

The bomb

This is a GREAT submission.
Seeing something like this makes wading thru all the crap submitted to this site to find the gems, worth the search.
Hope you get a first place.
You deserve it.

This was Hilarious

I was craking up when I watched this. Its funny and true, the same crap has happened to me and I hope people can learn from this.


EXACTLY What I was thinking. AWESOME. Your voice is outstanding for this type of art and flash, and humor, and you rock. This is EXACTLY what needs to be said. It's just a DAY where you give kids CANDY and what's the BIG DEAL!? WONDERFUL art work, I really adore that there were no eyes for the guy in the ghost costume, it made it.. I don't know, more real? I have no advice for this flash, it was great as it was, perfect. This is the most hilarious flash I've seen in the past month and I give all my adoration to it. Wonderful voice acting, wonderful everything. MAKE MORE... of anything, I'm sure I'll like it. Great. Work.

Grape Cola

If I could have added one more Halloween piss-off, it would have been getting cans of grape cola. Basically, some fucktard had a shitload of grape cola he didn't want so he pawned it off of little children. God, that stuff tastes like crap. And its usually the same people who give out Hines root beer - that stuff is awful. I think they're buying those 24-pack of mixed pop from Crush. Why would you buy it if you only like Cream Soda and Orange?

Yeah, I'm bitter about this.

wow even tho that had like no skill in it

it was freaking awsome.... i loved it, make another this year.... just like it.... that kid was awsome...... neways yeah....... good job? and remain insane