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Reviews for "Angry Trick or Treater"

God! that was funny!

First of all... HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
Damn! what kind of funny concept you got there!

GRAPHICS WERE alright...
Style was orginal and very nice!
Sounds - the voice acting was funny.

Overall: great movie! very funny!

Use a better animation
Use some real sound FX (like the wind at the beginning)
Improve the people and the houses.

Great work! keep that up!



I can totally identify with this flash. Where I'm from there's always a bunch of church things going on that they try to get kids to come to, and have musical "entertainment" and stuff like that.

And they actually give CANDY there. But it's all completly anti-halloween because it's an evil holiday etc etc etc.
A lot of people around here are like that, and will even leave their light on just so kids will come up and they can tell them there is no candy and why. Idiots.

One time, me and my older sister and her friends trick or treated this guy's house in the middle of nowhere .. he was like "Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't think anyone would come to my house."

He invites us all in saying he'll find something. Next thing you know, he's got 8 kids and teenagers and a few parents in his kitchen, digging in this huge deep freeze and giving us pizzas and pot pies. It was the most awesome trick or treat, ever.

lol that movie kiked @ss

Me and my freind watched this movie and we laughed, so heed his warning DONT't GIVE FU**ING APPLES FOR HALLOWEEN

God is a chair

lol! this was fantastic. it's not very often that a comedy flash on newgrounds actually makes me laugh, most of the time they will bring a smile at the most. but this did the trick for me! i thought the concept was great, the graphics were pretty good, the acting was done well, and it just entertained me the whole way through. it's also very accurate - who the hell wants an apple on halloween? vote 5

The bomb

This is a GREAT submission.
Seeing something like this makes wading thru all the crap submitted to this site to find the gems, worth the search.
Hope you get a first place.
You deserve it.