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Reviews for "Halloween Critters"

The Best Insect Fighting Video I've Seen.

That Was Great. The Music Really Set The Tone, At First I Thought It Was A Montage Set To 80's Music, Which Would Have Been Better, But It Turned Into A Fight, Which Was Just As Good. Overall, I Gave It A 10

Halloween is my favorite night of the year.

Wow. First of all your flash skills are excellent and I thought the vibrant colors you chose only served to enhance your ability. The deep blue you bathed everthing in at the beginning was awesome. Color is of major importance unless you're going for that grey noir style. I loved all the creatures you came up with keicho! Vamp Toad was by far my favorite. The variety never stopped as the story progressed which is another reason I rate this piece so high. Next I have to mention the music you picked. I'm not the biggest heavy metal fan but I thought song worked perfectly with your animation. Finally, what about the ending? You can't leave us with a cliffhanger like that man. Let your imagination run wild and think, "sequel, sequel, sequel." I'm adding this to my favorites list.

keicho responds:

Its nice that you have such a good color appreciation! although believe it or not, I am a 20% color blind with brown~red and green~yellow, I inherited that from my dad... anyway nice to see that you noticed that! and probably I might do a sequel if ppl keep asking :)

Great Halloween fare!

Outstanding graphics, fun to watch as it actually kept my interest as I wanted to see what was coming next. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Man that was way to cool for ng Lol :P But yeah man your skills are amazing like you have talent in the graphics area man those pictures were sweet!...... and so was the movie :P.


That was absolutly excellent. Good music to go with the vido and nice combination of Horrors and Insects and that one Reptile.