Reviews for "F.U.: The Darkness"

Very nice...

Another awesome addition to the F.U. series I love your style
and that was very funny just keep doing this movies.
and again I love the fighting scene animation the transition from the normal graphics to the fight scene graphics it just show you care 8)
fun for the whole family...

rockymike responds:

We've got two more F.U. movies planned (one of which is a major undertaking) and the possibility of two more in addition to that. Thanks for the review!

It was okay

It looked alright, sounded alright and was (sort of) funny. The aniamtion was kind of retarded, though. Nothing special, but hey, worth 2/5.

Dude... Nice!

The good:
-Actualy funny (Seems like a novel concept to some people...)
-The writing (Fluid and seemed natural)
-The fight scene

The Bad:
-Sound quality

The ugly:
-None (I went for the cheap movie ref.)


rockymike responds:

This is a very helpful review. Thank You.


i liked the part with the fighting sence

rockymike responds:

Yep, that was all Lupedog, with the colorization done by me. Thanks for the Review!

Bring back the Darkness

I have to say you folks always manage to crack me up. This piece although short only shows how versatile your humor and creativity is far from its peak. I can see you continuing this series for a long time.

Randomness is the bliss that makes insanity all the more comforting.

rockymike responds:

I always appreciate your words of encouragement, Tonio. I hope to continue to entertain you in the future.