Reviews for "F.U.: The Darkness"


i liked it. my brother said the humor was nerdy, but i told him to shut up. i dunno, maybe im nerdy myself.

PS: what does F.U. stand for? what i think it stands for?

rockymike responds:

Actually, F.U. stands for "Fairmont University" The series originally started off as a college parody but since that is so overdone I eventually went in another direction. I kept the title cause I like it and it makes people think it means something else - like you. Thanks for the review! And if someone says the humor is nerdy, tell them it's not nerdy, it's clever;)

Went well with my Sunday morning coffee

Good little skit - loved the humour.

rockymike responds:

Thank You. If you want an episode that goes with coffee you should check out the F.U. Director's cut :D

Pretty Good, but

You're really good at FBF! You should do more FBF.

rockymike responds:

It's actually Lupedog's FbF, with colorization and effects done by me. Thanks for the review.

great work :D

this is amazing work hope you will do better the next time you do a flash or game :)

rockymike responds:

I wish I could do a game. I am no actionscripter though. Thanks for the review!

The darkness

Lol. this was pretty funny i hope you make more.

rockymike responds:

Yep, since this one turned out to be a surprising success (I seriously wasn't expecting anything out of it) We're planning a Christmas episode (which starts production today!) as well as a major F.U. feature. Thanks for the Review!