Reviews for "F.U.: The Darkness"

Good for all of ten seconds...

I am a big fan of pacman so I liked the tribute, but graphics seriously need work. mabey you guys will do better next time but not today. SORRY!

rockymike responds:

What are you talking about? We'll do better next time? We gots Daily Second and a Front Page nod - we're doing plenty good. That's not to say we won't do better next time cause there's always room for improvement. Thanks for the review.


it really didnt do anything for me, and it was a bit boreing......... neway, try harder next time and maybe do a lil bit better graphics

rockymike responds:

The graphics are always an issue. Unfortunately they probably won't be tweaked until the next major F.U. feature. Oh, how we will try hard then. Thanks for the review.


Kudos on the writing skills. Comedy is not easy but you gave me some good laughs.
...and yes, I took the cliche path! :)

rockymike responds:

But you did it with style, and stellar graphics - That makes it ok in my book. Congrats on the Daily Feature, and thanks for the review!


Well, the graphics were OK, but not that good, the voicing, I've heard better, but this was FUNNY AS HELL! I loved it!

rockymike responds:

Graphics and Voice Acting are my weak points (they will be addressed in the next major production) For now, it gives me time to focus on the funny. Thanks for the review.


i found that reely cool.. n verrri funni haha keep it up !

rockymike responds: