Reviews for "F.U.: The Darkness"


This movie was awesome. I liked the "bottom of the food chain" part. Actually, I like the whole thing. This is one of the best Halloween movies EVER!!!

rockymike responds:

Yay, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the review!

nice job!

HAHA that was really good man!

the beginning was great with the chuck norris and the emptyness... hehe

and the part where he cuts off the guy with the pacman costume on is really funny
the only reservations i have about the flash is the fight scene where they are in the packman arena...its just kinda iffy...

other than that it was good!!

......kefka.... i knew u would understand! haha nice

rockymike responds:

Funny things is, the Pac Man scene is the only scene I thought was passable. Thanks for the review!


I got a few laughs out of it. Didnt get the joke at the very end but other then that it was great. Sound was nice and was easy to understand. Just really nice keep up the great work!

rockymike responds:

You would have to watch the original F.U. to get the joke at the end (unless you mean after the credits, in which case I don't think that can be explained any more obvious than it is).
Thanks for the review!


I thought i was funny towards the end . Then the kitty person well if they are the bad guy they are surposed to live longer oh well. but who was the guy wow killed her "the cure" he just came out of no where . plus the chuck norris thing well it getting old.

rockymike responds:

The Darkness may return in future episodes. "The Cure" or D, is the same person who dressed as the ghostbuster. He chnages costumes when the Tween animation switches to the frame by frame. Thanks for the review.

nice piece of work

liked your tributes and jokes, but when you click on the angel person, its kinda weird...

rockymike responds:

I don't know if you read my entire commentary or not, but the angel is Luke's wife, who I tend to leave out of my scripts. When Luke recorded his audio she left me a little rant about how she didn't have any lines. I thought it was funny so I made it an Easter Egg. I commend you for finding it. Thanks for the review!