Reviews for "Megaman x zero remix"

nize remix

cool, megaman rulez, and thiz iz coolz remixz, why z dont know, anyways cool!

Ok but...

I don't like acoustic/synthetic mix. Keep it on one side or the other.

-The NewKing

BreakingProdigy responds:

Well I guess that's your opinion :)


do you by any chance knw where i can listen to the original?


you just took a midi and just patched it with a piano.
And then have the arrogance to say
"Well I guess that's your opinion :)"

There is better stuff out there, and there is no way that this should be on the main page of the audio portal. This place is terrible.

BreakingProdigy responds:

Just have to ask you 1 question.
Which one sounds better, this one, or the midi?
Besides it's a remix, didn't just change the instrument to piano, set some filters etcetera to make it sound good, also edited the beat, better sounds made them more quiet as to not overrule the piano and removed some unneeded sounds.
And as I mentioned, this was my first attempt.

"I don't like acoustic/synthetic mix."
That's an opinion, duhr?
No arrogance there if you ask me >.>