Reviews for "Megaman x zero remix"


Awesome Remake, btw the title of the song in the game is Variable X.

BreakingProdigy responds:

Ah oke thx, I thought it was just zero's theme :P
I'm glad you like it :)

sounds nice

got to love that piano

BreakingProdigy responds:

Piano's to be exact, there are 2 different piano's layered on top of eachother ;P
Thx for the review

i love this game

when you left you but the learner now you are the master

BreakingProdigy responds:

I think I know what you mean, zero died and was unable to destory vile (or sigma for that matter) and megaman x was. That's probably another factor that makes this soundtrack the beauty it is.

W-O-W....no, not World of Warcraft, that's gay.

Dude! Your first attempt? I have to say, this is by far, the second best I'VE EVER HEARD!

I hope you keep up the stuff like this, it's very good.

Now, for the important part of scoring:



BreakingProdigy responds:

Thank you for your kind review :D
I'll be working on more songs soon ;)
You'll hear from me.