Reviews for "A Penguin Short"


i love penguins i give this a five

Fallin-Again responds:

Thanks im glad you enjoyed it.


I gave you Graphics 10, because who really cares about Graphics?! Style was 10 because well this was short, simple, and funny. Sound 10 because you had music. Violence a 6, but why do we even have Violence? Interactivity 1, I'm not sure why. Humor 8 because it was a funny joke. Made me smile a little.

Great Job.

Fallin-Again responds:

Im glad it made you smile a little. I will be doing a few more shorts, and i will consider all of that.

very nice man

very nice i enjoyed it well. i once tried to create a penguin movie myself but i cuoldn't find a way to animate the moving style i like the way you animated it. well i enjoyed it and got a nice chuckle keep up the good work.

Fallin-Again responds:

Thanks im glad you like it. I hope your animations go well in the future.

Cute :P

Im really impressed with the sound quality! Usually the sound quality is butchered in flash movies. great work! :)

Fallin-Again responds:


Lucky whale.

Title: Expecting good flash from display of title.
First part: Disappointed by penguin flash art.
Second part: Laugh at joke.
Ending: Feel happy.

I know its a short, and I like the joke, so good job. I kinda expected some good flash art from the title, so I was disappointed from the slightly crude artwork. The humor more than makes up for it though. Good work.

Fallin-Again responds:

Thanks....ill try to improve my graphics.