Reviews for "Tupac: prequel"


My God! This is one of the BEST EVER!!! It looks original and and has GREAT graphics! The sound could use some improving though, sometimes its hard to hear what the people are saying.

I Pity Da Foo' Who Hate Dis Movie

This Movie is a God Damned Classic.One of the Funniest Movies I've seen,truely awesome.

You have to see this!

Oh man that was great! Gotta love Arnold hehe. And by just taking the red pill you...hahaha! The part with Morpheous and Mr. T was cool too. I really enjoyed this one, and from all of us at Jack C. Hays High School, " Hell yeah!"

YYYEEESSS!!! MR.T rocks!!!!!!!

this moovie is one of the funniest ive ever seen on newgrounds ive seen both parts and they were both fuckin funny!This is why newgrounds is cool!


DEAR LORD! First off... anything with Mr T in a staring roll.... deserves perfect 10's cause Mr T KICKS ASS!!! FOOL! But this just didnt have the Mr T factor, essiential in all flashes. But it was funny all over. Presidents doing lines of coke, the matrix, harry carey shooting at a dog in a drunken rage.... watch it or you will get smallpox.