Reviews for "Tupac: prequel"


funny but way too short

One of the best I have ever seen.

This is seriously funny. I LOL'd when I heard something about a bag of Cheetos, I was eating Cheetos myself when I were wathing it. The president was the most funny part, although I agree with Ericho that using Ronald Regan and Bill Clinton as corrupt is inappropriate. Its just about as good as the animation of dot dot dot but better. I couldnt stop laughing due to how funny this is. Besides, I love the Mr. T series. srsly. And If you wanna know how funny this is to me, this was so funny, I amost krapped my pants while I was watching it. I added this to my favorites, voted 5, and rated this on the reveiw side 10. Make more stuff like this and maybe one of these could get featured.


its alright.when he actually gets shot is funnier

The best

It is my belief that this is the best thing you ever submitted to Newgrounds. As you were the guy who made the first ever submission to Newgrounds, this holds great significance to me. I just love all of the cameos by people and characters I love. It seems kind of inappropriate to use Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as corrupt, when the president who came after them was so worse. Cheetos are one of my favorite snacks and I would do anything for them. I also love Mr. T's deadpan response to everything.

ha ha ha ha

I cant sop lauing, this is funny.