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Reviews for "Sleepycast Guest Memoirs"

Well, this is certainly amusing. I love it! I especially like the expression on your face.

Hahaha a little behind the scenes art, love it!

Your first story (though terrifying) was a great one. Hope she never found about this podcast because that would be alarming.
Your work reminds me of the Peanuts gang if the continued to age and talk about all the debauchery in their lives. Love Sleepy Cast and your drawing, hope to hear you again in another one of their podcasts in the future.

Sabtastic responds:

Still nothing from her yet...!
I think I'm in the clear. She's been keeping to herself now, despite me seeing evidence of her being around at the local stores/malls. My sister texted me photos of drawings she saw at the local pharmacy that were DEFINITELY hers, so maybe she's found a new friend to focus on.

Thanks for the kind review!

I remember how much you didn't like that back 2 years at picoday when they broke out the box full of them.
It made for a hell of good photos but man i feel bad now.
Out of curiosity...did they trash that recording?

Sabtastic responds:

That was my first cigar, too. Still got the pictures of Jordan and I coughing and wincing at the terrible smell. lmao

I thiiink they kept the Sleepycast recording for that night, yeah. Thankfully I don't think we were recording when I was heaving over the garbage can. lol Might show up as a lost episode. I don't know since I don't do the edits.

Your reaction after smoking a cigar reminds me of last year at Pico Day where I was with Mindchamber smoking cigars and he explained to me how you're not supposed to inhale the smoke, just savor its flavor in your mouth and then blow it out like a fine wine. Needless to say, beforehand I inhaled like an idiot and had to spend the next ten minutes coughing up a lung or two, so I feel your pain.

Sabtastic responds:

Hahah - same here!! Yeah, thankfully Zach and the guys warned me that you're not supposed to inhale, too. I guess the whole room being saturated in cigar smoke is what did it. I smoked it way too fast.