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Reviews for "Pac-Jack"

I'm a fan...

... I like the way you worked it. The rolling pumpkin effect was a great idea. It is unfortunate the ghosts just disappear, so I do hope to see the second one next year. Good luck on finding the time to make it bigger and better. Great job.

It was good, but...

I got to level 4 and all it would show me was a black screen with the pumpkin and the word "Ready" on it that blinked and didn't... do anything.

Ciph3rzer0 responds:

Yeah, i found the mistake (i hope). It was a simple typo in the AS. Thanks for pointing that out to me so quickly.

Now it should work, if it doesn't then the problem is deeper than I thought.


I know I've seen this somewhere before, maybe on the Nintendo. The pumpkin rolling effect made the game look more realistic, but I was dissapointed when the ghosts just vansished when you ate them. It's and ok game.

Ciph3rzer0 responds:

Eh, yeah I know. I just didn't have enough time to make dying animations for the ghosts and pumpkin. I had a lot of other good ideas too... Oh well, you can look forward to them next year in Pac-Jack 2!

((( HAHA )))

Haha this was fun eventhough it was pac-man or should i say pac-jack hehe, anyways it was still fun, and i like the animation change with the different direction, and the music seemed to fit perfectly with halloween coming up, anyways nice game...

Make the pack jackguy move faster if you can...

Fun pac-man clown good for halloween...


friend or foe?

the enemies dont even chase you