Reviews for "Dan Sieg's Passion"


Amazing piece, you're a star and in my top 3 now, along with David Orr and Marky Spark. Genius!

corbetweller responds:

Your words are too kind. Thank you so much for listening.


Truly sounds like an orchestra is playing it. Your friend is very lucky to have such a work dedicated to him. However, even with a great speech, it has to end well. That's where you stumble. You don't fall flat and have the rugged pulled out beneath you, but it does end rather abruptly. Very nice regardless though.

Good concept...

But it doesn't really flow well. The indiviudal sections are great, but I never really got the feeling that they were all part of the same song. If you have just an overlying theme (same bass chords throughout or something), that would make the song so much better.
Even so, great job on the individual parts

corbetweller responds:

I know what you mean. I wrote this piece for friend but it's constraints were for an orchestration class and it had to be short. It would be a bit more cohesive if I expanded the sections and made them movements. Oh well! Thanks for the review mate!

I liked it

I thought it did flow, but just in it's own way. I read your comment as I was listening, and the song really seemed to unfold and flow better. It definately rang true to me.

corbetweller responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you heard what I intended :)