Reviews for "Dan Sieg's Passion"


Very dramatic dude awesome

Nice one Corbet

I love the intro and the transition between the middle and outro. It's a beautiful piece and tells a story of optimism and a wanting to do well and overcome. 10/10 5/5

Typed to the music.


What to do what to do is everything gone am i still here what is this place ah ive got to finish that deadline no no i just need to wake up.. this isnt happening im so stressed..


Look at this place. Its trashed. I look out the window and I see a glimpse of the sunlight shine through my torn curtains and over my pale face. Sometimes I wonder if the outside world is truly a masterpiece created by God, or if its just some cheap joke to attract us tourists into what people call life...


I cant stand it anymore ive got to do something about this mess. Perhaps I could paint my emotions... perhaps I could.. no wait. Ive got it! I just need to tell her about my feelings through painting of course! Ive got to find paper where is the paper. Ahah!


Ok just a few gentle brush strokes here... and a few strokes there. A few dashes of red here, and a few dashes of white there. Some pink, yellow, gold. A jagged line, a smooth twist. Some splashes here, water there... paint paint paint.


Its done. Its finally done. My shoes are one. My car is on. My painting is in my hand.


Time to go.

corbetweller responds:

Completely different parallel but very awesome! I'm glad those words came to you during the piece. Thanks friend!

Would love to see this in painting form

hard to explain what I mean but I imagine seeing this as a painting in a museum and loving it. I picture a tragic yet beautiful scene....hmm

corbetweller responds:

I can definitely dig on that.

Holy cow!

Dude, I am VERY impressed! How did you get such a realistic orchestral sound? This song is epic, and powerful. I totally dig it.