Reviews for "The Rogue Star Crew"

That Robot Looks Awesome !!
Awesome Sir !

My favorite is Riot! :D

I like the idea, i bet it's going to be awesome. Take you'r time to finish it, we all want it to be perfect. although i bet it will be anyway. good luck finishing it man.

I love seeing different levels of detail in a single piece that shows the linework to the finished palette for multi-character content. This inspired me try making broader pieces in the future and work with multiple subjects. I would love to see each of these characters flushed out with their finished colouring done at some point in the future but for how this image stands I can legitimately say that I have the overwhelming desire to draw out more of my tabletop elements, whether it be characters, vehicles, environments or, really, anything. Thank you for another fantastic piece, Jazza!

Great choice in the color pallet. I love the sleek design of the bots, and the character's asthetic. Great work as always.