Reviews for "IS2BU: Halloween"


thats is so freakin funny man. i loved it but so classic the mummy unwraped fro TP it seems overused but omfg its the funnyest thing ive seen tonight


It wasn't that bad for a short flash. I had a good laugh or two when the frankenstein use the mummy wrap as toilet paper.

Keep up the good work.

very funny

i like the newgrounds' pumpkin head that was thrown at the witch and the witch exploded. and the cartoon was funny also with the mummy's wrap being a frankenstein's toilet paper. That was funny. short but funny. Well done.

Happy Halloween! =)

((VOTED 5))

This was like so totally awsome. THe grpahics were really good and it aniamted flawlessly. It seemed really cartoonish to which is also good. And great halloweenish stuff put into it. And how can you forget the sheere hialrity of this movie. Great job.

EXTRA COMMENTS: people get their nuts chopped off before they are mummified


remyzero responds:

That's why it was censored hahaha


This was a great flash and the beginning was great, the knock down of the witch lol. My review is that this a very crafted flash movie that deserves all my points and then some. You have a creative mind and the way they work is wonderful. Thank you for your submission and look forward to more in the future...