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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part II"

I Liked It, One Problem...

it was kinda hard to understand the Princess that was talking to Pit...I only caught bits and pieces of it...

thats all

MKjack responds:

I have now written above, what Palutena says, so that you can know, what Part III is about.

Scarce,but cool

And by that I mean it is a really good flash series so far and that it`s kinda short,but it was really funny with Zeus,dropped Pit right in front the platform,but since he couldn`t even glide he fell right down! Also,i wish I could play Kid Icarus,but do you know how hard it is to find a game that old!

MKjack responds:

You can download an emulator and the rom on some rom-sites. But you have to delete the rom within 24 hours if you don't own the game in real, but I think that 1 or 2 hours, and the game is done.

Rom-Nation is such a site 4 example.


that was great god damn you i am your god he teloperts pit out in thin air oh shit lol perfect 10 that was great


the animation was better than the first and so was the action. good work. (its pronounced zoos not zois)

I like your movies

churn out more please I want to see the end