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Reviews for "Pumpkin Collector"


good job


great game this rules,

i don't know what's wrong, but everytime i play any submission on newgrounds and i close the window, the sound keeps on going.
anyways, great job.

Good Job

Not the best game out there, but then again most flash games aren't smooth. This game ran fairly smoothly and worked fine. The pumpkin counter gets cut off though. The music gets kind of annoying.

it was ok

yeah ok but needs some work to be better, like making you have to jump the stairs cause i almost killed myself there on the first level, also maybe some kinda power-up like some super pumpkin thats hidden some where and it makes you invinceible for a bit and i didn't like the timer idea either.

This is a work in progress right?

This is a cute start, however your graphics are fairly disorganized. For instance the meter that reads time doesn't function, the number of pumpkins collected is layered to where you cannot read the number, and the graphical interface needs to be modified a bit as jumping on a ledge resulted in a nearby skeleton to react as if it were jumped upon. Good luck with further modifying the game.