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Reviews for "Clay Animation V Animator"

man your hand must be cramped eh?

dude if that was your hand then you must of gotten alot of cramps.
unless most of the hand parts where videos. but i saw someparts where the hand and the clay figure moved and i give alot of credit for that. You did a good job and should be proud.

PhynStudios responds:

It was all just Stop motion, and my hand did hurt.


its a good idea and carried out well i like it

PhynStudios responds:

Im glad you enjoyed it.


it was cool when the clay guy jumped on the clay chunk and became even bigger

PhynStudios responds:

Thanks <3

This one is distinct.

Nice clay animation. It comes smoothly, shows that much work was put into it. I would recommend putting in sound effects, and try to pick different music for different "scenes".



PhynStudios responds:

It was mostly just one scene, and my speakers are broken, so... i got any random music, and plomped it in.

It was good.

Good tribute. You should've kept the music going though.

PhynStudios responds:

Ok (y) thanks.