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Reviews for "Windows Collab 2"

NN>all other groups!

i hate spam groups, but i must admit that this one was funny! ;D
yesss iam a windows user and i know that its sucks!!! xD
but im too lazy to use linux >.<

Little-Rena responds:

N00bNation is NOT a spam group >:[
It's a group for not so talented artists.
Please don't confuse the two.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

The long waited Windows Collab 2!

And it's a great collab indeed!

All the parts are funny, but obviously some of them had much more work on them :)

Your part was specially funny, although it was too short, maybe more content would have been good.

Drunken's part was hilarious, with his typical drawing style and random dialogues, which always are worth a laughter. The music he chose was great, and everything else rocked.

King's one was...simply perfect. All the FBF animation, the excellent humor ( shit graffities? :P), the music...and the tongue thing! XD

Queen always means random fun, and this time he does it again! All the complicated plot with Bill Gates saving the world from himself with a strange and hilarious song...can only be one of the most random and cool things ever!

A great collab, happy N00bDay, and great job! :D

(And I might take part on the next one, if there is ;D)

Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, I used my 2nd peice for this, the first one was longer but sucked totally.
I was going to make mine loop, but P:

Drunkens was just random P:

And yeah, Queen and King made the best parts for this ;D

Once again, thanks for another awsome review.
If there is a next one, you can have a part :D

Happy N00bDay again ;P


woo tht ruled

Little-Rena responds:

Huzzah! Thankyou P: