Reviews for "Insurance Storm Rising"


... good flash, (possibly) horrible message. What do I mean by that? Well, let's start with the "good flash" part first. The technical aspects of this flash were pretty good, it had nice animation and was pretty well drawn, the overall use of sound and music was great (nice choice of retro-cartoon-music-of-doom, by the way), with the voice acting being particulary good. It was the right length too, neither too short that it dosen't get out is message, nor too long that it becomes boring. All in all, it managed to acomplish it's purpose really well!

But, and here comes the down part, not all is roses with this flash. Now, I don't want to get in a debate here, since the space available is small and I can't reply to you anyway and, most importantly, I'll openly admit that my knowlegde on the subject is pretty small (basicly an article in the Economist).

Nether-the-less, if I understood the message presented here (and I may have got it wrong, in which case I apolagise profusly for all this), this candidate belives that insurance companies are increasing premiuns and discounts in the Florida area and that state legislation should intervene to help them out.

If (and only if) that's what he belives, then, quite frankly, he's wrong. For years now, resident's in Florida have been subsidied by the rest of the USA by paying less on their insurance than they should, because they live in a catastrophe area and state legislation regulates the amount they pay on their insurance. This has encouraged overbuilding and overpopulation in the region, far more than should have happend, meaning that in the case of a disaster, not only are more people affected, but also the insurance companies have less cash to hand out to pay their costumers. That means someone has to pay the bill afterwards, usually the federal goverment (so that the rest of the US picks up the bill).

So, if insurance companies are finally increasing (one way or another) the amount of money people have to pay for their insurance in the region, that's actually a good thing, as it will help correct the current situation by making it more expensive. Now, of course, this raises costs to those already living in Florida considerably and it's more that reasonable that people feel it's an injustice unto them that this is hapenning and feel the need for goverment intervention.

But any goverment intervention should not maintain the problems of incentives that currently exist (as the candidate seems to be proposing), else when the next big hurricane strikes, almost every one (including the rest of the US) will be worse off, except the lucky people in Florida that aren't (deeply) affected by the hurricane.


As I said, I'm making quite a lot of assumptions here, so if they are wrong, please feel free to correct me (and, in such case, I once again apoligize). And I probably wrote more than I should in any case (after all, I don't even live in the US!) and I'm acutally favourable of more independent candidates running in the US anyway. So cheers for a well made and pretty good (except-for-the-message part) movie!

BadMonkeyStudios responds:

Gotta take this one on. First of all there isn't a state in the union that isn't underthreat of total disaster. Hurricanes hit from Texas to Florida and then up through New York. "overpopulated" California is hit by earthquakes without warning. The entire midwest is constantly being destroyed by flood anf tornado. There's no place more subsidized than anywhere else.

Plus, Linn intends on stopping those with houses worth over $1 million from getting government insurance especially if they build on dangerous waterfront areas. Message solid.

Very Good

Awesome flash animation and graphics. While the idea is creative and very well performed, I frown upon the political commercial. It would be nice to see the same style in something original. Not that I blame you for this one, an artist needs to make money,

BadMonkeyStudios responds:

While I respect your view, I dont really understand how making an ad about an issue I find personally important (ex-floridian, parents still there) for a third party, nonestablishment candidate is selling out. Its not an ad for coke, for goodness sake. I hope this is as bad as you sell out in your lifetime.

I vote Linn!

I was considering voting for Max Linn, but this movie put me over the top. There's no way I could vote for anyone else now after posting an awesome flash like this on my favorite site. Only problem with this flash is the sound is a little crappy.

good job

i dont get people who whine ab out stuff like this because its "political". imean there are hundreds of political satires on this site and nobody bitches about them. local politics may not be relevant to a large audience, and that loses it sopme points, but this is still a solid flash and deserves some credit.

Best Political Ad Ever!

Graphics are perfect and message clear! I think it should be a comic book. I hope you get a lot of support as i know how this country seems ot be going to shit.