Reviews for "Insurance Storm Rising"


What an informitive flash i would have never known. :)


First off, Alex is posting the same copied/pasted message on everyone's flashes. Don't pay attention to him.

Now. Nice idea, well drawn and sound was good, but it was a little choppy.

I wish these flashes were on TV

I'm starting to love Max Linn, but if he can do what he says these should be on TV, get the message out you know? I really like these since I live in Florida and this junk actually happens.

Anyway your flash itself is well done, I think the audio needs a little work, the voice actors themselves are pretty good too, well all in all you rock!

Politics Made Fun, Indeed

I loved the flash and your previous Max Lynn v. the FCAT even though I'm not a Florida resident myself.

The style is a perfect one for the theme: superhero-like politicians save the day from politically immoral villains. Top notch!

One thing though, the voices at the end of the animation got to be a little quiet, and the synchronization seemed a bit off, but otherwise it was almost perfect.

YAYY politics

well this is what happens when u u put politicaly improper stuff on the front page u get ppl like the last one b4 me who writes all this stuff.....i live i Florida and the insurace isnt bad or good just very competitive and a little secrert for the last review...insurance is really high due to many dumbass ppl who dont know how to drive or take care of there homes....any way great flash and i love the gecko and duck pretty funny..love the sound and the old music hero kinda thing lol..keep up the good work