Reviews for "Night Trap"

Well deserved scores......

Sam T, you are truly a genius. I sincerely hope you make more movies with such sophisticated interactivity. This was a brilliant project and I enjoyed it immensely. The graphics were well done, the continuity was excellent, you could hear people in the next room talking, (nice touch) the sound effects were comical. All in all a sophisticated piece of work. I'm sure this took awhile to accomplish, but your efforts are clearly evident in this fun, interesting game. Please make another, perhaps a series in which monsters or ghosts are hunted and trapped. But 1 thing, please, do NOY use taco Man as a character in the future, do a serious game, I know you can make it awesome.

im gonna play again

but this time im gonna let her eat that damn taco


I killed taco-man and I'm proud.

"Yes, scrooby dooby you all." Sigh, my life is nothing but a string of almost-made-its.

great parodying of the contorversal SEGA Classic, but theres something missing: the skip button for the credits