Reviews for "Night Trap"

No, for the record I didn't play it.

There is nothing classic about Night Trap, you're talking about one of those games that defies conventional thought, highjacking your brain and eventually making you say such things as, "Wow, all I need to save someone from a weapon-wielding murderer is a FUCKING fire extinguisher and a FUCKING trap-door! Thanks, Night Trap! Now I can go back to doing the rest of my important duties as King Lord Dipshit Fucktard, The Almighty!"

For the record, "Taco Man"? Wow. Reeeeealllly reaching there, huh?

I know what you can do, next you can make a game that's a guy with a baseball bat and the entire game is beating the shit out of a copy of Night Trap. That might make it up to the people who actually own a Sega CD and quiver in FEAR AND DREAD whenever someone even mentions that atrocity.

On the other hand, I never played it so you can disregard this if you wish. But to all those who will read it: I apologize for knocking this guy so hard, but, man, its Night Trap. Give me a little room, here. E:>

Infinite loading screens? Great way to lose fans, especially one who signed up to play this game specifically.

Samination responds:

Not sure why you would get an infinite loading screen. Did you try refreshing the page or using a diff browser?